Cold Market Recruiting Strategies
Million Dollar Earners Reveal Where To Find The Best Prospects
Cold Market Recruiting Tips
7 Figure Earners Currently Use
Never Run Out Of Leads Again
so you don’t have to keep bothering the same people over and over again
Are You Tired Of NOT HAVING
Now you can finally get the exact strategies that 7 Figure Earners use to help YOU find the best prospects for YOUR business
I’ve gathered 35 top income earners (who have all earned 7 figures in ONE year) and have them share their secrets exclusively here on finding endless good prospects for your business!
You’ve Ran Out Of People To Talk To
Your warm market avoids you...

 or they're waiting for you to be successful first!

And the few people you’ve met online don’t respond back to your messages.

The reality is, 

unless you have good prospects, you’ll never be able to recruit a person and become successful.

You know that network marketing works

 because you see people in your company become successful.

What Do The Top Leaders Do That You’re Not Doing?!
What’s Their Secret?

Have you noticed that...

The top earners in your company are almost always top recruiters as well?!

How do they do it?

How are they so successful and you aren't?

How do they never run out of prospects?

I realized this problem so I wanted to really lift up this profession and do something...

So for the first time ever…
35 Million Dollar Earners Reveal
Their Cold Market Secrets
I’ve hand picked 35 leaders who have earned 7 figures in ONE year to share their Cold Market Recruiting Strategies and put them in


What Makes This Course Different? 

Unlike many training products or gurus, these leaders are NOT trainers who have retired...

Each one of these leaders are actively building their business TODAY!

as in RIGHT NOW!

So each of these strategies work because they’re being used and tested each day.

These 7 figure earners all represent different products and services (health supplements, travel, energy, telecom, etc.)...

so their strategies work regardless of what product and company you’re with.

Here are some of the leaders featured: (in random order)
Holton Buggs
Jordan Adler
Jessie Lee Ward
Whitney Husband
Richard Brooke
Adam Green
Emily Vavra
Robert Hollis
Angel Fletcher
John Haremza
Hayley Hobson
Tim Herr
Lyndon Biernoff
Kira Westwick
Adam Westwick
Kenny Lloyd
Nicola Smith Jackson
David Pietsch
Matt Morris
and many more!
What You Get Inside...
These Leaders Will Give You:
  • ​The first steps you must do before you recruit anyone online 
  • ​The best places on social media to find prospects
  • ​The best local areas to find good prospects in your community
  • ​The proper approach that will attract strangers to you
  • ​and much more
Included In This Course Will Be:
- 35 Short Video Trainings from Each 7 Figure Earner
- 35 Audio mp3 --> so you can learn on the go
- Transcript --> so you can take fast action
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
From  Simon Chan
Los Angeles, CA
I put together Cold Market Recruiting Strategies for you because often I hear from my network marketers that their biggest obstacle is their (and your) lack of good people to talk to. 

Almost all types of challenges such as the lack of motivation, fear or rejection, etc. all happen because of your lack of good prospects.

If you had great prospects that are eager to signup, do you think you’d still procrastinate?

Cold Market Recruiting Strategies is for YOU if…
  • ​You THINK you ran out of prospects to talk to
  • ​You fail to get more than 3 presentations done each week
  • ​You  procrastinate due to the fear of rejection
  • ​Your close friends and “warm market” avoid you because you’ve followed up with them too much
  • ​You’re not getting the results you want online
  • ​You don’t want to quit but it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel from your lack of results

Meet Simon Chan
Coach / Speaker
  • Host of iTunes #1 network marketing podcast "MLM Nation" (over 6 million downloads)
  • ​Has interviewed over 500 top leaders in network marketing
  • Started building online in 2004 and was one of the early pioneers of Online Duplication
  • Built a 7 figure MLM business with over 200,000 distributors in over 18 countries 
  • Has over 15 year of network marketing experience
  • Simon’s Purpose Driven Life is to have a “Positive Impact on as many lives as possible.”
Never Run Out Of Leads Again
Do What 7 Figure Earners Are Doing
Cold Market Recruiting Strategies
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